White Pine Smudge Bundle

White Pine Smudge Bundle: Ceremonially crafted and sustainably sourced from a 225 year old White Pine Grandfather Tree (Pinus Strobus) in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.  This powerful plant ally has many uses and is a wonderful alternative to the vastly over-harvested White Sage or Palo Santo clearing tools.


  • Cleans harmful airborne bacteria.
  • Eradicates negative energy and creates ceremonial space
  • Protects and sanctifies the auric field
  • Aids in releasing of feelings of guilt, shame, and grief


This particular group of bundles was created with the Taurus New Moon. We were also called to add in some Ajuga flower to promote clarity, energetic resilience and discernment. 


Please Note: these will not be ready to ship until after May 15th as they are still drying in our temple space.