Meet Rachel

Founder & Creatrix of My Sacred Spine 

Even as a child, Rachel was fascinated by the spiritual realms. From a young age, she was given the gift to see and sense the energy fields of people, plants, buildings and animals. Quickly realizing that this was not the norm, she worked hard to squash herself into a more socially acceptable box. As she denied her shamanic abilities for over a decade, and tried her best to conform, Rachel developed a severe scoliosis in her spine. 

After being braced for five years as a child, she spent her adolescence in the confusion and fear that surrounds most structural spinal issues

Alignment took many winding paths for Rachel. By studying the physical body in depth with incredible teachers (Alison West, Deborah Wolk, Elise Browning-Miller, Witold Fitz-Simons, and Amy Matthews in NYC), she found freedom from physical pain. She received her RYT certification under Alison West, as well as additional Back Care and Rope Wall certifications through Yoga Union. Through dedicated self-practice and under the tutelage of her teachers, Rachel’s severe asymmetry has dramatically decreased, and her inner calling to spread this important work has become a reality.  

She has traveled the world, studying yoga, meditation, energy healing and Celtic shamanism. She has been lucky enough to apprentice with incredible Shamans and Priestesses like her dear friend and mentor Yukiko Amaya, and the women of the Priestess of Avalon traditions in Glastonbury, UK. Rachel has had the great honor of working with thousands of clients over the past ten years, and leading online programs and workshops internationally. While everyone's path to healing is unique, Rachel believes that the beloved souls who find their way to her door (or inbox) are not simply looking to realign their physical bodies. They show up curious, having followed a deeper sense of knowing that these issues are rooted in a misalignment of spirit. Reclaiming her path as a healer and guide has allowed Rachel to finally serve her clients as fully as she’s always known (deep down) was necessary.

She feels beyond blessed to be able to sit in sacred space with each client and co-create blueprint for their return to Wellness. Your session together will include alignment on all levels through the practices of Yoga/Meditation, energy clearing, ancestral healing and soul retrieval. You will enter ceremonial space to be in direct communication with your guides, ancestors, and highest self. It is truly her privilege to walk this lifetime with you all, and she looks forward to walking beside you on your Path to Wellness.

Blessed Be

Associate Teachers

Judy Rosquete

Judy Rosquete has been apprenticing with Rachel Jesien for many years and continues to assist her workshops and ceremonies nationally. She works closely with international students in the online programs, as well as privately in-person and online. Judy’s multiple trainings and nearly two decades of experience, have helped her develop a compassionate and well-rounded teaching style.

She received her initial 200-hour certification from the International Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Center, and also holds certifications in Therapeutic yoga with Cheri Clampett, and Prenatal with Mary Anne Barnes. After discovering she had scoliosis, she knew it was time to dive deep into the world of alignment and back health.  She received her second 200-hour certification as well as a Backcare & Scoliosis certification under Alison West at Yoga Union. Today, Judy continues to support the global My Sacred Spine community by creating wonderful new content and guiding her clients to pain-free living!

Catherine 'Cat' Murcek

Catherine 'Cat' Murcek, C-IAYT has been focused on guiding students through the therapeutic powers of yoga for nearly a decade. What began as a journey to manage and heal her own chronic pain--resulting from intensive dance training with a scoliotic body--turned into a path of helping others to do the same. She has been assisting for and apprenticing with Rachel for the past three years in classes and workshops around the northeast. Her 200-hr certification with Yogaworks under Natasha Rizopoulos gave her a strong anatomical foundation to build on in her 300-hr Masters program certification with Alison West at Yoga Union. She has studied Yoga for Backcare and Scoliosis in depth under Alison West, Deborah Wolk, and Elise Browning Miller, in addition to Alexander Technique for yoga teachers with Witold Fitz-Simon, and is also certified in Yoga Tune Up (R). Cat also teaches workshops nationally and leads retreats in the US and abroad.