"Rachel Jesien you're a miracle worker! My grandma has awesome posture & such a positive outlook thanks to your help. This photo is worth a thousand words. Before fall 2014, after summer 2015! Thank you!"

- Heather O'Hara

"Rachel is a great teacher. Her knowledge of anatomy is extensive and her sequencing is always well thought out. I have scoliosis and a spinal fusion, and it's great to practice with teachers who are aware of these conditions and can modify poses to suit individual bodies. I have seen yoga classes geared towards a "workout" or reaching pose postures at any cost. In my experience this never happens in Rachel's class. Process is everything and patience in reaching a pose yields the best benefits. She also incorporates meditation and Pranayama into the practice in a no nonsense way."

- Christy Edwards

"Rachel is the best yoga instructor I have found in my 9 years of practice. She explains everything and has an approach that focuses on the entire body, especially the back and neck. She explains everything, including the why, and provides lots of alternatives and demonstrations. Her restorative yoga technique was especially helpful to me with a neck injury I had which made it almost impossible for me to turn my head. After just 1 session with her my neck was much less painful. Within 4 weeks of doing the poses she worked with me on my injury was healed. I continue to do them and I have not had any neck issues since. She is the only yoga instructor I have ever used for private lessons and that I recommend without hesitation. And I have worked with many over the past 9 years."

- Mindy Leeds

"I am over the moon excited about the transformation happening in my body! I was curious as to what 1 year on this [online] program would reveal. Words cannot even describe how happy and shocked I am. If you are diligent this yoga helps! Thank you Rachel Jesien and crew!!"

- Ashely Chuipka, British Columbia, Canada

"I've been partaking in Rachel's at home yoga program for a year, dedicating approximately 15-20 minutes every other night.  Physically, I'm able to stand up straighter; my back has gained much needed flexibility.  That flexibility has allowed my head/neck to move backwards to its proper resting place, more in line with my shoulders.  Because I'm more properly aligned, it is now much less work to hold that position, and stand / sit straighter, than it was previously.  Anecdotally, quite a few people have asked if I've lost weight, and though I haven't lost much, I attribute those reactions to me looking taller / slimmer due to my improved posture."

- Ben Steger, New York, NY

"Rachel Jesien is a true master sensei teacher in the field of yoga and scoliosis. Deeply knowledgeable about anatomy and scoliosis, Rachel has developed classes that are structured each week to teach beginner students new poses to help deal with their asymmetries and other back issues. Rachel has also developed an invaluable home practice series which helps her students apply those same teachings into an everyday practice.

Rachel has helped me so much in dealing with my back issues. I can’t recommend her high enough!"   
- Mike Lorez

"After two months, I can see (literally!) the potential of what we are doing with my shoulders...to say I'm excited would be an understatement...I now have hope.

I fell head over heels for this work after feeling quietness in my spine and nervous system for the first time ever. Though I've loved yoga for a decade, I never realized this potential. I am so grateful to you for opening my mind in this direction. 

I always felt like a victim of my spine, and even felt disdain for it. You have helped me move towards acceptance and improvement. And guess what - the horrible hand and wrist pain I had for almost a year is completely gone, along with chronic mid-back discomfort that I thought I simply had to accept!"

-Lauren Maxwell, Ashville, NC

"I've had severe scoliosis for as long as I can remember (77 degree curve, at my worst). After the birth of my second son, I began having extremely painful, unpredictable back spasms. When I reached out to Rachel, she was kind and giving of her time and I immediately enrolled in her Home Practice Series. The Home Practice Series is thoughtfully planned, and is an extremely good value for what she provides.

I felt inspired and encouraged and went on to become a certified Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher. I went "all in", studying intensively and being very dedicated to my own daily home practice. Within a month, I had returned to pain free living. And within just a few months, I had reduced my curve by 14 degrees. This has truly been a life changing experience for me. I no longer live in fear of back spasms (in fact, I haven't had a single spasm in 10 months). I highly encourage anyone with scoliosis, or back pain in general, to wholeheartedly try Rachel's program."  

- Mandy Glitzer, CYAT, State College, PA   

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