Do you walk through life in a cloud of doubt, confusion, or lack a sense of fulfillment?

Are you ready to know yourself more deeply and have a clear direction for healing on all levels? Have you intuitively sensed that your physical issues may have underlying psycho-spiritual or emotional causes that aren’t being addressed?

I would be honored to walk beside you on your Path to Wellness.

Born a natural Seeress and Oracle, Rachel provides spiritual mentoring to a global community through Shamanic Healing Sessions, New & Full Moon Ceremonies, Sacred Pilgrimage, and Priest/ess Trainings throughout the year. She channels messages from beyond the veil in what she calls "Soul Blueprint Readings" for optimum healing for all who come to see her. She is an initiated Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Backcare & Scoliosis Specialist and Medical Intuitive. She channels these gifts into healing ceremonies to help bring her clients into alignment on all levels.

Rachel offers distance sessions via Zoom. Read More about the healing ceremonies you can book below.

Healing Session with Rachel

Initial session :  $325 (90 min)

Subsequent Sessions: $215 (60 min)

**Package Pricing available after initial session**

This intuitive healing session is a one-on-one deep dive to discover your unique Path to Wellness. In this comprehensive Energy Reading, we will explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks that hold you back from receiving health on all levels. Together, we will enter ceremonial space, opening to the wisdom of your guides & ancestors. This session includes an assessment of your multi-dimensional alignment, clear action steps towards reintegration and holistic ways to support yourself moving forward. This session is for you if you’re looking to discover the root energetic causes of a specific health/backcare issue, or simply longing to have a program created for you that addresses your Well-Being on the physical, energetic and spiritual planes.

Online Sessions available via Zoom. Details upon scheduling.
You will receive a full video recording

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Types of Healing Sessions Available

Backcare & Scoliosis Yoga Therapy Session - Recieve a fully customized evaluation of your back issue and recommended daily home practices.

Soul BluePrint Session - Channel your Optimum Wellness Plan directly from Spirit. Includes Psycho-Spiritual, Physical, Mental & Emotional Support.

Past Life Regression Ceremony - Shamanic Journey to receive insight on how your past lives may be affecting your present.

Soul Retrieval Ceremony - Healing ritual to re-integrate fractured pieces of the spirit that may have been displaced because of trauma, illness, or other karmic injury

Oracle Reading - Channeled ceremony complete with messages from Divination Cards

Energy Clearing/Extraction - Full energy field reading and Clearing ceremony, with aftercare instructions for maintaining Alignment on all Levels

Womb Clearing Ceremony - Guided Chord Cutting Ritual to release past relationships, trauma, or toxic dynamics in relationship/partnership to align you with your intuitive knowing


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