Ghost Pipe & Shungite Flower Essence

Assists in:
Ghost Pipe helps to assist us in life's transitional moments, when we need help letting go of old beliefs, thought patterns, and old versions of ourselves. It can also help to release us from past "ghosts" who are inhibiting our soul's free expression. This Essence is also infused with the healing properties of Shungite, a powerful stone shown to eliminate stress from the body and detoxify our energy field of unhealthy dynamics (within ourselves and in relationship to others). Flower essences are a vibrational medicine, meaning the particles of the plant in each elixir are so small that we can use them as a support to our energy body. This particular Ghost Pipe Flower Essence is the perfect support during the (sometimes painful) season of Samhain, when we are asked to dive into the shadow parts of ourselves.

How to Use:
Take three drops under the tongue daily, or place directly on the chakra that needs support.

Vibrational infusion of:

  • Ghost Pipe Flower
  • Shungite Stone
  • Full Moon light
  • Artisanal Apple Brandy
  • Sacred water from the Chalice Well & White Spring


15ml dropper bottle

Ceremonially Crafted in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.