Bridal Wreath Spirea Flower Essence

Assists in: 
Opening to new perspectives or mindsets. This gentle, compassionate plant being helps us to see challenging situations in a new light. It is also a powerful magnet for calling in new relationships or opportunities. Flower essences are vibrational medicine, meaning the particles of the plant in each elixir are so small that we can use them as a support to our energy body and call in the healing we desire. This particular essence was created in the expansive energy of the Sun during Beltane. It aids us in aligning our inner blossoming with Mother Nature as she expands into Her fullness during Spring and Summer. Our essences all contain the sacred waters of the Chalice Well and White Spring from the Heart Chakra of the Earth in Glastonbury, UK. These two ancient springs anchor the alchemy of this medicine, and create a balanced container of the divine masculine and feminine, meant hold you as your journey evolves. 

How to Use: 
Take three drops under the tongue daily, or place directly on the chakra that needs support.

Vibrational infusion of:

  • Bridal Wreath Spirea Flower
  • Full Beltane Sunlight
  • Artisanal Apple Brandy
  • Sacred water from the Chalice Well & White Spring


15ml dropper bottle

Ceremonially Crafted in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.