Cleansing Your Home + Auric Field: An At-Home Ritual (with additional option of Angelica Flower Essence)

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This downloadable ritual can be done anytime, but we suggest doing the full home clearing AT LEAST once per year, or any time you feel your space needs an energetic cleansing. It is wonderful to do after house guests leave or anyone in your home has been ill. For any healers, health care workers, teachers...anyone working in service to others on a regular basis, the personal auric cleansing can be done daily and even in between clients as a general energetic maintenance.

For This Ceremony You Will Need:
- Salt
- Multiple Candles or Crystals (one for each room of your house if possible)
- Photos/memorabilia of your ancestors or soul guides who you’d like to help you with the cleansing ritual 

- Any energy clearing tools: herb bundles, incense, sound tools, a feather/fan

*Video/Audio will be emailed directly to you after purchase.

Angelica Flower Essence

A powerful addition to accompany your ritual practice, Angelica Flower Essence can be a profound guide in bringing you back into alignment with your inner knowing. Because of the potency of this energetic medicine, it is best used when you are ready to move into a relaxed state of consciousness. Great before bed if you are seeking clarity from your dreams!