Yearlong Initiation Details

Do You Hear Her Calling? 


I'd like to invite you to a Yearlong Initiation in deepening your understanding of the Avalon Wheel of the Year. Together, within an intimate group, we will spiral through the Seasonal Wheel of the year, receiving and aligning fully with the medicine that each direction holds.


The schedule for each of the Seasonal weekends will be:

Friday: Non-Locals Only, Online Ceremony

Saturday: Non-Local and Locals, together in Online Ceremony

Sunday: Locals, In-Person Ceremony at my house, or another proposed outdoor meeting place, depending on weather.



Friday, October 30: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, October 31st: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, November 1st: Locals Only at Temple



Friday, December 18th: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, December 19th: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, December 20th: Locals Only at Temple



Friday, January 29th: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, January 30th: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, January 31st: Locals Only at Temple



Friday, March 19th: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, March 20th: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, March 21st: Locals Only at Temple



Friday, April 30th: Non-Local Members Only

Saturday, May 1st: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, May 2nd: Local Members Only at Temple



Friday, June 11th: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, June 12th: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, June 13th: Locals Only at Temple



Friday, July 30th: Non-Locals Only

Saturday, July 31st: Everyone (Online)

Sunday, August 1st: Locals Only at Temple



Saturday/Sunday September 18-19th: Everyone (in-Person, I hope!)


On Equinox Dedication: Attendance is required at all eight of the above weekend ceremonies in order for you to attend the initiation ceremony next September. If needed, this entire year can be completed online. You'll just have to let us know whether you plan on being a part of the virtual or local group. You will also have bonus access to ALL of the virtual Moon Ceremonies for the year. Your attendance will not be required for all Moon Ceremonies, but will serve as additional support to your Spiral Journey through Her Wheel. 

Ceremony Times: As this is an international circle, we will discuss what times work best for the entire group closer to Samhain.


We will be using my teacher Kathy Jones’ book Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess as a guide through our spiral together. If you are in Europe, I recommend purchasing the book directly from Kathy’s Website or on Amazon. 

If you are in the US or Canada: You are more than welcome to check shipping prices on Amazon, but I have purchased a bulk order from Kathy and am happy to ship the book to you directly, if need be. Locals are welcome to pick up the text from my home.  

Before We begin: You will need to find yourself a Pendulum to use throughout the year. We will need it for our first weekend together!

Upon registering, you will receive your homework/reading assignments to complete prior to our opening ceremony at Samhain, as well as the other suggested (but not required) books that will help support the deepening of your connection the Goddesses of the lands that hold you.



I’ve created a Patreon specifically for those of you who would prefer paying for your yearlong initiation in twelve monthly installments of $111. Signing up for your first month will be considered your non-refundable deposit. If you prefer to pay in one lump sum, please contact me at and I will send over an invoice for you.


To Register, head to our Patreon and join the Spiral Path -- Yearlong Initiation Option to submit your deposit today!




Please send any and all questions to