Song of the Spine: with Dr June Leslie Wieder

Learn how muscle testing, together with sound and vibrational therapy can help to heal ailments such as:

⫸ Chronic pain
⫸ Sleeping disorders
⫸ Depression
⫸ Anxiety
⫸ Chronic Fatigue
⫸ Numbness in the fingers or toes

This is a unique and rare opportunity to meet and work with Dr. June Leslie Wieder, author of Song of the Spine, The Human Symphony, AND the inventor of the one and only electronic tuning fork known as the Human Resonator.

Saturday, November 2nd

9:30am – 12:30pm 

Yoga Union

37 West 28th St., 4th Fl.

(between Broadway & Sixth Aves.)

New York City

** Limited to 18 participants


" As I was in a great deal of pain and soreness, I eagerly, asked Dr. June for help. 
After a minute of her treatment with her Human Resonator I began to feel relief. The soreness and pain vanished. The next day had no pain or soreness.
Thank you Dr. June for creating the Human Resonator!"

"When I arrived my back was stiff and legs sore. Dr. Wieder used the Human Resonator on my lower back. Instantly my left leg began to tingle and my back felt totally relaxed. When she went to adjust it, it was easy and totally painless. It felt great!"

Your Instructor:

Dr. June Wieder is a chiropractor whose been helping to heal people for over 30 years. Being trained as a classical pianist, she made the connection of sound and vibration to help her patients to heal. 
With the help of an electronics engineer, she brilliantly merged the vibrations of all 12 tuning forks into one electronic tuning fork, the Human Resonator. 

For more information about Dr. Wieder and the Human Resonator, please visit: and

Or listen to her speak about it in the Masters Circle Podcast!

Dr. Wieder will be able to work with individuals privately beginning at 1:30pm.  The sessions are brief, approximately 10-15 minutes.  If you’re interested in being seen privately, please schedule yourself here.