⫸ Looking for ways to connect with the wisdom of the Goddess, and bring Her magic back into your daily life

⫸ Ready to bow deeply to your soul’s purpose and journey to commune with your Spirit Guides & Ancestors.

⫸ Seeking a nourishing unplug from the over stimulation of the winter months, and re-aligning yourself with the magical, creative energy of Winter. 

⫸ Longing for a community of spiritual wild women to hold you as you journey to authentic inspiration.  


Pricing Structure: Once you’ve paid the retreat Tuition fee, you’ll receive a sign-up link to choose your Room and Board options at The Garrison Institute, located in Garrison, NY. 

Room and board includes: 6 meals from Friday evening to Sunday Lunch, Access to the incredible walking Labyrinth and hiking trails, free shuttle to and from the Garrison Train station, and acces to the SAUNA and Steam Showers.

Tuition Includes: bespoke ritual and ceremony, daily Tea and Meditation, dance and embodiment practices, Celtic shamanic journeying, crafting healing tools, and so much more!)

Where are we staying?

Prices below are for Room and Board at Garrison Institute (After the $245 Tuition Price), which you’ll choose once you’re tuition has been paid in full. All options are Shared Bathrooms:

Single Room: $175 per night

Double Room: $145 per night

Dorm (3-4 people): $125 per night

Commuter: $95 per night

*All options include 6 meals, Friday-Sunday and access to all amenities at the Institute.

"The Women’s Circle opened me up like never before. I felt everything that I’ve been holding in for a long time just come out. I felt a sense of peace. I felt safe. I also learned I should trust my own instincts more often. I felt no judgement - that everyone was equal."

~ Amy Czerniak, New York

"Thank you for a truly grounding and clearing retreat day yesterday. Today, I felt a shift in energy, inspiration and ignition of fire in my actions. Such a blessing!" ~ Deanna Sidotti , Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner , Chester, NJ

"It is the first time I have done energy/emotional work where I actually feel it working! This first week of starting on changing my mind set and focusing on feelings of creativity, I have had vivid dreams every night! I used to dream tons in my younger years, but over the last few years I have almost never dreamed! I missed it.  I am so happy I found Rachel!!!" ~Ashley Chuipka ,British Columbia, Canada

"During the time spent here (surprisingly close to NYC), I was able to deeply connect to the earth and nature. And through that connection with Rachel's magical guidance and support, true transformation of deep seated issues was able to occur. The sisterhood that has been forged in this short time with complete strangers is something I've never experienced with women. The world needs this now and forever."

-Madeleine Hamer, New York

"It is such a gift to take space and time to reconnect with nature, your intuition, and all while being held by a group of women. We came in all different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, all with our own unique story, yet we were able to find unity in our shared humanity. You will leave transformed, and inspired to live your most authentic path"

-Elizabeth Lail, New York

"A truly transformative experience. I was able to clear many decades-old blockages and experience the growth of rebirth. Can't wait to come back again! Highly recommend this Healing Retreat!"

-Barbara Finamore.  New Hampshire .  

Your Guide

Rachel Jesien is a Seeress, Celtic Shamanic Priestess and Yogini dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all of Her inhabitants. Her spiritual transformation began with a 45 degree scoliotic curvature of her spine, which left her with a broken dance career and paralyzed with pain. Her suffering became a catalyst for transformation as she began studying the physical body in depth, and became an expert in the world of Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis. As her physical body became more aligned, her psychic abilities opened up exponentially; a gift that had been long suppressed since childhood. She began studying Shamanism with Yukiko Amaya, long time apprentice of Don Miguel Ruiz, and was called in vision to visit Sacred sites across South America, Australia and Europe. In 2017, Rachel began her Priestess of  Goddess training in the Glastonbury Goddess spiralage. Rachel has since been guided to steward a piece of land in the Hudson River Valley, where she leads retreats, women's circles, and healing seminars each year. Her vision for reconnecting groups of women to the cycles of the moon and heartbeat of the Earth is of utmost importance. She now guides a global community in aligning body, mind and soul through spiritual mentoring and leading Goddess Centered healing ceremonies in the Avalonian tradition. To read more about Rachel's Story, click here. 

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