Ignite Your Inner Power Add-On 3


During the time spent here (surprisingly close to NYC), I was able to deeply connect to the earth and nature. And through that connection with Rachel's magical guidance and support, true transformation of deep seated issues was able to occur. The sisterhood that has been forged in this short time with complete strangers is something I've never experienced with women. The world needs this now and forever."
- Madeleine Hamer, New York

"It is such a gift to take space and time to reconnect with nature, your intuition, and all while being held by a group of women. We came in all different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, all with our own unique story, yet we were able to find unity in our shared humanity. You will leave transformed, and inspired to live your most authentic path"
- Elizabeth Lail, New York

"A truly transformative experience. I was able to clear many decades-old blockages and experience the growth of rebirth. Can't wait to come back again! Highly recommend this Healing Retreat!"
- Barbara Finamore, New Hampshire