Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

Assists in:
Releasing past relationships, attachments, and sexual trauma. Soothes the broken heart. Flower essences are a vibrational medicine, meaning the particles of the plant in each elixir are so small that we can use them as a support to our energy body. This particular essence was created in a Moonlit Ceremony during the Beltane full moon. It is infused with the powerful energies of release, and can be a beautiful guide for anyone navigating heartbreak, or those wanting to remove energetic chords from past (or current) partners. 

How to Use:
Take three drops under the tongue daily, or place directly on the chakra that needs support.

Vibrational infusion of:

  • Bleeding Heart flower
  • Full Moon light
  • Artisanal Apple Brandy
  • Sacred water from the Chalice Well & White Spring


15ml dropper bottle

Ceremonially Crafted in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.