New Moon in Aries Ceremony - Monday, April 12th, 3:00-4:00pm EST

New Moon in Aries Ceremony - Monday, April 12th, 3:00-4:00pm EST Exchange $22

Aries season always brings with it a welcome sense of renewed, and focused energy. However, without getting clear on WHERE that focus needs to be placed, the shear force of the Aries Ram can be a bit jolting and discombobulating to the system.


This New Moon also brings with Her an interesting square between Venus, the planet that rules our relationships, and Pluto, ruler of the shadow. This important aspect asks us to examine how we are showing up (or not) in our relationships, and where we can recommit to living in our authenticity, while in union. 


Our agreements, be they romantic, platonic, or professional, can vastly impact how we bring our magic to the world. This New Moon gives us insight on what partnerships need to be nourished in the coming lunar cycle to help you create new, more easeful structures in the future.


 In This Practice We Will:

~ Journey into the otherworld to receive insight on where the flame of Aries wants to blaze its trail this month, and how we can better align ourselves with the flow of creation.

~ Spend time journaling with the teaching of the Venus/Pluto Square, and how sacred relationships can facilitate our growth and healing.

~ Practice Full Body relaxation techniques meant to move you into a meditative state to receive insight and guidance.


You Will Need: 

~ A quiet environment where you will not be interrupted

~ A stable internet connection

~ Candle and/or incense

~ Journal & pen

~ Comfortable clothing/props for a meditation lying down

~ An eye mask/covering if you like to have that during Shamanic Journeying


A recording will be provided for anyone unable to attend LIVE. All gender identities are welcome.