LIVE Scoliosis Series with Cat Murcek July 9th-23rd 5:30-6:45pm EST

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Are You seeking a proactive way to address your Scoliosis?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking:

"I've known about my Scoliosis for years, but I'm not really familiar with how that affects the way I use my body."
"I love of practicing at home, but I also crave the individual feedback from a teacher in a LIVE class."
"I have aches from my Scoliosis, but I'm just not sure what to do about it."

Suddenly, the whole world has shifted, and perhaps you're now home-bound with more time for self-care!

Join Cat Murcek, Backcare Specialist with My Sacred Spine and certified Yoga Therapist, for a three-week limited engagement Yoga for Scoliosis series designed to help you develop a deeper awareness of your Scoliosis in order to alleviate pain, address asymmetrical habits, and feel more empowered, grounded, and centered, all from the comfort of home!
Meet your Teacher: Cat has been teaching yoga for over a decade and working closely with Rachel for much of that time. She brings to her teaching a wide variety of somatic knowledge from her background as a dancer in addition to thousands of hours of training in a variety of methods, with an emphasis on yoga for back care.

How it works
You will receive a link to a private Zoom session limited to 12 participants so that Cat can see you and give you corrections specific to your body.  The classes will occur at the same time each week for 3 weeks, and will be recorded in case you would like to pay a nominal fee of $20 to have downloadable recordings to keep.
When are the Classes?
Classes will be held on Thursdays, July 9-23rd from 5:30-6:45pm EST.
Cat will also host a Complimentary Group Consultation 1 hour before the first class for anyone who feels uncertain of their Scoliotic curves.

How much does it cost?
$75 for three LIVE 75-minute sessions, once a week
$20 to purchase downloadable copies of the videos

What experience level do I need?
However, having some knowledge about the directions of your Scoliotic curves will be very helpful for maximizing the benefits of this course. For this reason, Cat will be offering a Complimentary Group Consultation for one hour before the first class on July 9th, in case you're not sure about the direction of your curves. 

If I cannot attend live, can I still receive a recording?
No, these classes will be just for an intimate group of students looking for one-on-one feedback from a Backcare Specialist. It will be tailored to the people who are present for the sessions, therefore the recordings will only be available to those actively participating in the course.  
What kind of equipment do I need?
A yoga mat or you can use any non-stick surface
A chair
2 blocks
1 yoga belt
2 full-size yoga blankets or towels
several small wash cloths or hand towels
Ideally, a clear wall space (or closed door), but we can work around if not accessible

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