Home Practice Series for Scoliosis

Is your back pain keeping you from doing the things you love?

Are you completely exhausted and irritable from living with chronic pain?

Do you find yourself losing hope and relying more on “quick fixes” and medications?

Are you drawn to Yoga but not sure which poses are safe for your back?

"I am over the moon excited about the transformation happening in my body! I was curious as to what 1 year on this online programwould reveal. Words cannot even describe how happy and shocked I am. In just 1 year x-rays showed I had visible, positive changes in my curves. If you are diligent this yoga helps! Thank you Rachel Jesien and crew!!

-Ashely Chuipka,

British Columbia, Canada

"I've had severe scoliosis for as long as I can remember (77 degree curve, at my worst). After the birth of my second son, I began having extremely painful, unpredictable back spasms. When I reached out to Rachel, she was kind and giving of her time and I immediately enrolled in her Home Practice Series. The Home Practice Series is thoughtfully planned, and is an extremely good value for what she provides.

I felt inspired and encouraged and went on to become a certified Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher. I went "all in", studying intensively and being very dedicated to my own daily home practice. Within a month, I had returned to pain free living. And within just a few months, I had reduced my curve by 14 degrees. This has truly been a life changing experience for me. I no longer live in fear of back spasms (in fact, I haven't had a single spasm in 10 months). I highly encourage anyone with scoliosis, or back pain in general, to wholeheartedly try Rachel's program."

-Mandy Glitzer, CYAT

State College, PA

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