Home Practice Series for General Back Care

Is your back pain keeping you from doing the things you love?

Are you completely exhausted and irritable from living with chronic pain?

Do you find yourself losing hope and relying more on “quick fixes” and medications?

Are you drawn to Yoga but not sure which poses are safe for your back?

"I've been partaking in Rachel's Home Practice Series for a year. Physically, I'm able to stand up straighter; my back has gained much needed flexibility. That flexibility has allowed my head/neck to move backwards to its proper resting place, more in line with my shoulders. Because I'm more properly aligned, it is now much less work to hold that position, and stand / sit straighter, than it was previously. Quite a few people have asked if I've lost weight. I attribute those reactions to me looking taller / slimmer due to my improved posture.

-Ben Steger New York, NY 

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