FULL MOON SOUND BATH CEREMONY with Elsa Field- Wednesday June 23rd, 3:00-4:00pm EST

FULL MOON SOUND BATH CEREMONY with Elsa Field- Wednesday, June 23rd from 3:00-4:00pm EST Exchange $22

And so we cross over the Solstice portal, the longest day or the longest night, and find ourselves at the Full Moon in Capricorn at the end of June. This is a powerful and potent time for taking action on our dreams, visions and manifestations. The sign of Capricorn brings the grounding energy required to discern that which no longer serves us, and find the pathways for true soul development and growth.

In this special Full Moon Sound Bath, Priestess of Avalon and sacred singer Elsa Field will guide you on a healing sound journey into the deep waters of the Mother Goddess. 

In the Avalonian Priestess tradition, the time of Solstice is aligned to the element of Water in the South, and to the Goddess Domnu, Mother of Water. Domnu is an ancient Celtic Goddess whose name means “the deep”. She guides us to seek out our deepest emotions, those most secret and hidden places, and bring them up to the surface for release and healing. 

Join us for a nurturing evening of sacred sound and guided meditation with the water element. There will be time after the journey for integration and journaling on your dreams and visions for the months ahead, using the energy of the Full Moon to light your path.


Your Guide:


Elsa Field is a Priestess of Avalon, Soul Singer, and Sound Healer. She lives and works in Glastonbury, the sacred Isle of Avalon, UK, where she is a Temple Priestess of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. Described as ‘ethereal’, ‘devotional’ and ‘transformative’ by listeners, Elsa creates music for sacred spaces, ceremony and ritual that is deeply connected to Goddess and to Avalon. She believes in the power we have to heal ourselves, and works as a vocal coach and mentor, sound healer & ceremonialist, assisting others to awaken and harmonize their own voices through connection to Goddess.