Fall Equinox Gathering Tuesday Sept 22, 3-5pm EST

Fall Equinox Gathering Tuesday September 22nd, 3-5pm EST
Within the Avalon tradition, we honor this time of year, known as Mabon, as the season of BALANCE. A season of coming into alignment, harnessing that organizational Virgo energy, and beginning the sometimes painful process of letting go of the things that haven’t come to fruition this year...and letting that be okay! It is now that we call upon the Great Earth Goddess, Banbha, in all of her abundance and wisdom, that is reflective our own inner journeys through Her seasonal changes.

If you could use a hearty dose of Earth Mama Medicine and Grounding as we spiral into the Fall, join us in ceremony on Tuesday Sept 22nd, 3-5pm EST. This will be especially helpful for those of us consciously navigating deep social justice and anti-racism work, who are ready to EMBODY our values in a concrete way moving into the Fall. Big changes need big support systems. Come, clarify your vision, and receive guidance and connection to the Mother of Us All.