Learn to co-create a life of service that brings you joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Mentorship sessions are designed to help you clarify the way you show up in the world so that your offerings can reach the people who’ve been waiting for your gifts. Practitioners of all kinds can benefit from these sessions. The “Rise and Grind” mentality doesn’t work if you’re grinding in the wrong direction with the wrong tools. Integrate your livelihood so that your business energizes your way of life, instead of depleting it. Aligning with your soul’s intent takes practice, discipline, and willingness to look below the surface.

In these sessions, we can discuss a particular challenge that you’re experiencing, or simply receive support in stepping fully into your power and life’s work. You’ll leave these sessions with visualizations/meditations, clear action steps, and/or rituals to achieve your vision of the future.

Radiant Business Mentorship Single Session $144 (45 min)

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