During the Celtic Holiday of Litha (July 21st-28th), We journey to the magnificent coastline of Cornwall, immersing ourselves in the mystical fairy forests and waterfalls. We’ll spend our days in deep communion with the elements, holding ceremony within an intimate circle of women. Local storytellers will guide us into the depths of Merlin’s cave below the ruins of Tintagel castle, amongst other extremely special locations.

The next leg of our journey takes us through the wild landscape of Dartmoor, until we arrive at the Earth Spirit Center for the remainder of our stay. Nestled within the dragon hills, we’ll explore the Glastonbury Zodiac and visit the sacred sites of Avalon, purifying in the healing waters of the red and white springs and working with the energy of the Glastonbury Tor and surrounding landscape. 

"A truly transformative experience. I was able to clear many decades-old blockages and experience the growth of rebirth. Can't wait to come back again! Highly recommend this Sacred Immersion!"

-Barbara Finamore.  New Hampshire 

What people are saying about our Sacred Immersions:

"Rachel uses her deep knowledge of the Celtic Goddess traditions to teach and guide in a gentle and safe way. Her sincerity and integrity were made clear immediately. Each ritual or ceremony was an invitation to explore new ideas and paths of our own stored wisdom, and new opportunities to connect back to our own Earth, our spirits! Trust that you will find what you seek with Rachel's kindness and wisdom to open the gate." Anne Beyrer

"The first word which comes to mind when thinking of this retreat is amazing. My transformation from patterns of past behavior, which has played over in the choices I've made throughout my life, I feel has now shifted to an ownership of myself. Forming a clear path for me to follow my heart and be my authentic self. Thank you Rachel, and your Melissas, for all of the love and support. Blessed Be!" Heidi Burns

"This sacred Immersion was a truly a life-changing experience. There is so much power in coming together as women in this ceremonial way. I have gained clear insight into trusting myself, trusting the process, tapping into my creative energies, and connecting to my inner child. I am learning to be more present. This experience was incredible and is for anyone interested in going deep." -Emily Barry 

Pricing Structure:

Prices below include all accommodation, travel to and from the retreat centers to Heathrow Airport in London, entrance to all historical/ceremonial sites and most meals.
Prices do not include airfare.

Double Room: $4445
Triple (3-4 people): $3995 
Single Room: $4995 
(Limited Singles available)

*A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve your space. Payment plan options are available with payments being submitted on April 1st,  May 1st and June 1st. There will be no refunds for any reason after June 1st. If the situation arises, I will do my best to fill the space. If I am able to fill your space, you will receive a full refund, minus the $500 deposit. 

"I find clarity at every one of Rachel's ceremonies, especially when I see the growth and changes I've made since coming in 2018. She is a remarkable healer, transformer and guide. I feel blessed to know her." Jean Cameron-Smith

"I have always had trouble finding, or rather unearthing the stillness behind the storm. My retreat with Rachel, and all of the other fantastic women, showed me that tapping into my constant undercurrent of peace is more tangible for me to achieve than I thought was possible!" - HV Sacred Immersion Participant 

"I feel so very lucky to have found a space where women of all ages gather and explore their personal stories with one another. This kind of safe, shared space reminds you that you are not alone. You are held by nature and those around you." -Elizabeth Lail 

Your Guide

Rachel Jesien is a Seeress, Celtic Shamanic Priestess and Yogini dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all of Her inhabitants. Her spiritual transformation began with a 45 degree scoliotic curvature of her spine, which left her with a broken dance career and paralyzed with pain. Her suffering became a catalyst for transformation as she began studying the physical body in depth, and became an expert in the world of Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis. As her physical body became more aligned, her psychic abilities opened up exponentially; a gift that had been long suppressed since childhood. She began studying Shamanism with Yukiko Amaya, long time apprentice of Don Miguel Ruiz, and was called in vision to visit Sacred sites across South America, Australia and Europe. In 2017, Rachel began her Priestess of  Goddess training in the Glastonbury Goddess spiralage. Rachel has since been guided to steward a piece of land in the Hudson River Valley, where she leads retreats, women's circles, and healing seminars each year. Her vision for reconnecting groups of women to the cycles of the moon and heartbeat of the Earth is of utmost importance. She now guides a global community in aligning body, mind and soul through spiritual mentoring and leading Goddess Centered healing ceremonies in the Avalonian tradition. To read more about Rachel's Story, click here.  

During this Immersion, I was able to deeply connect to the earth and nature. And through that connection with Rachel's magical guidance and support, true transformation of deep seated issues was able to occur. The sisterhood that has been forged in this short time with complete strangers is something I've never experienced with women. The world needs this now and forever." -Madeleine Hamer, New York

"It is such a gift to take space and time to reconnect with nature, your intuition, and all while being held by a group of women. We came in all different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, all with our own unique story, yet we were able to find unity in our shared humanity. You will leave transformed, and inspired to live your most authentic path" -Elizabeth Lail, New York