NEW MOON IN GEMINI CEREMONY with Yukiko Amaya - Thursday June 10th, 3:00-4:00pm EST

NEW MOON IN GEMINI CEREMONY with Yukiko Amaya - Thursday June 10th, 3:00-4:00pm EST Exchange $22


The New Moon on June 10th is also a Solar Eclipse. It’s a powerful time to create ritual space and connect with energies moving within and around us. Eclipses are intensification of energies very related to our karma and dharma. This one is happening in Gemini, in the middle of Mercury retrograde, right practically on top of Mercury itself! 

Communications may feel overwhelming and chaotic. Or they may border on the delusional. There are big changes afoot. As we move from the energy of the Lunar eclipse that happened at the Full Moon of May 26th, it’s time to be kind and spacious with ourselves. Sometimes, to restore is to surrender.

Join Priestess of Avalon, Yukiko Amaya, for this New Moon Ritual. She will guide you with Grounding and Centering, an honoring of the New Moon with Goddess Motion, and a Journey into Avalon for receiving insight.


YUKIKO AMAYA is passionate about embodied consciousness, healing, power and energy. She weaves her blend of wild wisdom and open query through various practices that honor individual, creative expressions and awakenings. She is a shamanka, energy healer, sacred dancer, Priestess of Avalon, teacher and mentor.


A recording will be provided for anyone unable to attend LIVE. All gender identities are welcome.