Lammas Full Moon Gathering Monday August 3rd, 3-5pm EST

Lammas Full Moon Gathering Monday August 3rd, 3-5pm EST ~ Exchange $33

As the seasonal wheel turns again, our gaze moves toward Lammas, which marks the festival of the first grain harvest. This time of year, in the Celtic tradition, we honor the abundance in our lives, and the bounty that Great Mother Earth has given us. Lammas is the perfect time of year to gather all of our energetic arrows and decide, with clarity, where we will aim our creative bow next as we head into Autumn. In this Two Hour Ceremony we will align ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, welcoming in her wisdom in creating effortless abundance and prosperity in our own lives. Through a series of practices and earth-based ceremonies, I will share with you the core practices I use for channeling creative energy into bringing your Soul's deepest desires into reality.

In this Ceremony you can expect:

  • Journaling and Meditation practices meant to bring you into connection with your intuition.
  • Clear ways to decipher where your Soul is bringing you next, and what you need to focus on moving into the darker half of the year.
  • Group and partner work with other like-minded individuals who are committed to uplifting the collective. 

As we heal our relationship to abundance and prosperity, we can allow Goddess' Wisdom to flow through us with ease and grace. 

In these seasonal gatherings, you will enter into ceremonial space with Priestess of Goddess Rachel Jesien, and be guided through a channeled ritual based on the powerful tides of knowing the Goddess/Mother/Gaia holds for us. All genders welcome, ages 16+

*We also have a small amount of Scholarships available for our LGBTQ2IA+ and BIPOC students wishing to experience ceremony in this way. At My Sacred Spine we are committed to created a safe energetic container to do this imperative healing work. Please reach out to us at to apply.