FULL MOON GODDESS MOTION PRACTICE: with Yukiko Amaya & Rachel Jesien- Monday April 26th, 3:00-4:30pm EST

FULL MOON GODDESS MOTION PRACTICE: with Yukiko Amaya & Rachel Jesien- Monday April 26th, 3:00-4:30pm EST Exchange $33

Do you wish you could….

  • Feel freer and more at ease in your own skin, in your own body?
  • Develop your intuitive capacity further?
  • Embrace your sexuality and sensuality with sacred spacious love?
  • Experience embodied connection with Goddess?
  • Move, dance and express yourself into expansive consciousness?

Join Priestesses of Avalon Yukiko and Rachel on the Full Moon leading up to Beltane and experience the power and joy of Goddess Motion practice. Our bodies are an amazing vehicle of consciousness and connection. Explore together and alone what it is to be in a finite existence connected with infinite capacity. No prior experience of dance or movement practice needed. If you can shift weight, you can do this. There will also be moments of ritual and stillness. Simply come with your curiosity.

The practice is:

  • A gently guided Free-form movement 
  • The verbal cues are invitations – you only do what feels safe to you
  • Done fully clothed – choose clothing that feels good for you to move and dance around in, and if you like, that makes you feel special to you. Some of us love to add pieces that flow like a skirt or scarf to have joy and play with movements that arise.
  • With music that is eclectic, as well as with moments in silence
  • Body prayer, breath song, sacred and holistic ritual of your total being

What you Need::

  • Pen and paper
  • Create an altar with candle (fire), bowl of water (full moon), incense or bell (air), crystal or stone (earth) and something that represents your sexuality/sensuality – how you embody &/or wish to heal &/or wish to embrace it
  • Wear some red items or all red, as you wish and feel
  • Drum or rattle or bell (if you don’t have any, not to worry – you can clap)
  • Water (for you to drink if needed)

Your Guides:


Yukiko Amaya is a Transformational Wisdom Holder. She is passionate about fully embracing the unique life path and potential of each one and loves to guide and accompany her students and private clients to that spaciousness. Much of her work for the past 40 years or so has been at the confluence of embodiment, energy and consciousness. There, we become Radiant and Empowered, connected to All and yet singular. Yukiko is a mentor, healer, teacher, shaman, yogi, dancer, Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Goddess. 

Rachel Jesien is a Seeress, Celtic Shamanic Priestess and Yogini dedicated to the healing of the Earth and all of Her inhabitants. Her spiritual transformation began with a 45 degree scoliotic curvature of her spine, which left her with a broken dance career and paralyzed with pain. Her suffering became a catalyst for transformation as she began studying the physical body in depth, and became an expert in the world of Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis. As her physical body became more aligned, her psychic abilities opened up exponentially; a gift that had been long suppressed since childhood. She began studying Shamanism with Yukiko Amaya, and was called in vision to visit Sacred sites across South America, Australia and Europe. In 2017, Rachel began her Priestess of  Goddess training in the Glastonbury Goddess spiralage and has since dedicated as a Priestess of Goddess and Avalon under the tutelage of Kathy Jones & Luna Silver. Rachel now stewards a piece of land in the Hudson River Valley, where she leads retreats, women's circles, and healing seminars each year. Her vision for reconnecting groups of women to the cycles of the moon and heartbeat of the Earth is of utmost importance. She now guides a global community in aligning body, mind and soul through spiritual mentoring and leading Goddess Centered healing ceremonies in the Avalonian tradition.